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Choshi piesh

Milk – 1 litre
Flour – 1 cup
Kewra essence – 6 drops
Blanched Almonds
Pistas – 1/2 cup
Kismis – 20
Sugar – 250 gms
Cardamom – 6 ground
Make a stiff dough of the flour.
Take a little of the dough and placing it on a table roll out into one thin long strip.
Hold one end, place against table and with hand make small thin strip about 1/2 cm in length.
Leave it to dry for 6 hours so that it becomes hard.
Heat the milk.
Simmer till the water evaporated and the milk becomes thick.
Add the sugar and boil further.
Add the choshi.
Boil further till it becomes soft.
Add the dry fruits and the ground cardamom.
Cool. Serve.

Shahi Tukra

Bread – 6 slices
Ghee – 70 gms
Milk – 10 tablespoon
Sugar – 125 gms
Kewra essence – 6 drops
Saffron – 1 pinch
Khoa – 100 gms
Malai – 6 tablespoon
Cardamoms – 6 (ground)
Pista, Cashewnuts, Almonds shredded.
Cut the bread into triangles.
Cut out the side of the bread.
Fry them in ghee till golden brown. Remove.
Heat milk.
Put the sugar and saffron it.
Dissolve them.
Pour it over the bread.
After 15 minutes remove the bread and keep aside.
Fry the khoa in ghee till brown.
Add the milk and malai to it.
Heat till the mixture thickens.
Pour this over the bread.
Simmer till it thickens. Cool.
Add kewra essence.

Petha Burfi

Khoa – 1/4 kg
White pumpkin – 1/4 kg
Green colour
Castor sugar – 90 gms
Silver leaves – 2
Kewra essence – 4 drops
Shred cooked white pumpkin.
Add khoa. Mix well and cook on medium heat till the mixture dries up.
Remove from fire.
Add colour and essence.
Spread mixture over a greased plate.
Allow it to set.
Decorate with silver leaves.
Cut into diamond pieces after it is firm.